Friday, May 20, 2005

Watch it again......I must

Thank You Mr George Lucas

The final episode of the saga, Revenge of the Sith was worth the wait. It is most certainly the best of the prequels and it has indeed answered all my questions that was in my head for the past 17 years.
'Most impressive'. That is what I can say about the light saber duels. When Obi Wan and Anakin fought in the end.....their movements captivated me and almost made me numb. Lightsabers are so cool. Huhuhu. If I was a Sith, or Jedi, I think Id be carrying two of those. Hahahahahaha.
Tying the loose ends, it has. When the intro went on the know...'Long time a galaxy far away'...people in the cinema were clapping. That is like the first time I hear people clap in a cinema. Guessing that Im not the only one anxiously waiting for this movie.

However....a few comments though.

Acting was bad. Didnt really like how Hayden portrayed Anakin. A bit over lah. But then again....most of the star wars films have bad acting in them anyway hahahaha.
Another thing Mr episode 4, when Obi wan spoke to Yoda regarding the one who can bring balance to the come that Obi wan seemed to not know the existence of another which is Leia. In episode 3, it can be seen that he was present during the birth of the twins.......
Why aaa?
General Grievous was quite dissapointing. I thought that he's gonna at least 20% as cool as Vader but somehow he only made it up until only 10%. Sigh. The four lightsabers in hand was a nice touch though. Pity that he died so easily in the movie. Not very dramatic.
Even so......Ewan did a good job. It is the will of the force that destined him to play Obi wan. Hehe. Cheesy me. Wakakaka. The way he portrays the character is almost like how the old Obi wan Sir Alec Guiness did.
It was a sad movie....come to think of it. Evil has triumphed over good. A good man was lost in his efforts to hold on to the things he loved the most and those he loved moved away from him, leaving him full of rage and hate.

'Welcome to the dark side'

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Nice blog...

As far as your comments concerning the disappointing General Grievous...

Did you see the Cartoon Network's Star Wars: Clone Wars? Grievous is introduced there and at the very end of the cartoon he is seriously messed up by Mace Windu, which is why he's coughing and struggling at the beginning of the "Sith".